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San Diego Rapid Response Network

San Diego Rapid Response Network is looking for Volunteers

About the Shelter

Many of the people who were detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement during the past months have begun to be released. They are being dropped off at different locations with no resources and most often with no plan to reach their U.S. sponsors. A number of local organizations, and countless volunteers, are mobilizing to help and have opened an emergency shelter to meet the needs, and protect the safety, of these asylum seeking families. An average of 50-70 people have been arriving to the shelter each night. We are currently coordinating volunteers for a number of tasks, on site at the shelter as well as off site, including: helping with intake, escorting guests, cleaning, organizing, and serving as interpreters, among other things.

Volunteering with SDRRN

If you are ready to volunteer, please complete this form. If you know someone who is trustworthy and is also interested in helping, please have them complete the following intake form.

In order to protect the security and privacy of all families, volunteers, and staff, we individually vet each volunteer intake. This is a time consuming process. Please be patient with us and understand that it may take a week, or longer, before we respond to your individual application. We appreciate and value your time and willingness to join the shelter team, and we absolutely need your help, but must keep security and privacy at the forefront of our actions.

Once your intake form is vetted, you will be able to sign up for shifts that best match your skills and availability with the shelter's needs.